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I've really enjoyed attending the clinics with Daisy. She is not only skilled in dealing with young horses, which has helped me with bringing on my youngster but she is down to earth, making things very easy to understand and gives you an honest opinion too. There is no 'one size fits all approach’; she is very good at pinpointing what works for individual clients, to fit with their learning style and what motivates them. Having had three falls in the space of a week, her sensitive approach and patience really helped build my confidence back up; it took a little bit of a knock. The joys of dealing with babies! Daisy has a solution for every problem you might come across training your young horse and she instinctively knows how much to push horse & rider, to get the best out of them, without over doing it.

Another lady on the yard that I keep my horse on arranged a clinic with Daisy which I attended about 9 months ago... I was totally amazed with what I came away with considering I’m no dressage rider! In all honesty, I never expected to get so much out of a single session, and now we are still taking (big!) steps forward each time we have our lessons and I truly look forward to them. Daisy has such an amazing way with both people and the horses – I have found it tricky to find someone who understands the way of thinking of a sometimes hot headed, big ginger horse scared of his own shadow but she just ‘gets’ him. She will explain things in different ways to help if needed and pushes you enough outside of your comfort zone to show you what you can achieve but in a way that you don’t even realise you are doing it. Prior to meeting Daisy I had a few confidence issues following a couple of falls but all the little tips that she has to get him to relax more, such simple easy things to do have made a huge difference to when I have been out in the cold, dark winter evenings by myself. I really can’t recommend Daisy enough, very wise head on young shoulders, her enthusiasm makes me want to spend hours out there and the way that I view flatwork has been totally changed 110% for the better. Big thank you Daisy, I can’t wait until next time to see what we can achieve. 

As an employee; I highly recommend this pathway for anyone with a genuine passion and determination to advance their knowledge and excel in dressage. The most supportive employers, who hold the utmost respect for their employees. My riding and overall knowledge has progressed enormously since working here and my career path is 100% valued and supported. This is such a lovely place to work, with a friendly yet professional atmosphere and a selection of beautiful, talented horses to grow alongside. I love my job!

Saturday, 19 August 2017 11:36


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Daisy schooled my pony for about 6 months, my pony absolutely adored her and so did we! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

I have had two horses based with Daisy for the last 10 months and I would not hesitate to recommend her services for livery and training. The standard of care and training is very high. I have never once turned up for an unscheduled cuddle to find any aspect of their care out of place - despite the fact that one of my horses is the filthiest beast known to man, and I have, on a previous yard, arrived to find his stable in such a state that it was necessary to muck him out and add new bedding rather than leave him like that all night. I have also found it easy to arrange lessons, which is no small praise as I work basically all the time, and I have found this a struggle in the past. My boys are always happy, in excellent condition, and continually progressing in their training. They enjoy regular hacks, daily (individual) turnout, and are ridden five times per week. Daisy has also been excellent in starting my younger horse’s competition career, and if you have a whirling dervish that needs a confident rider to get him out there, look no further! The yard is supported by an excellent team and Daisy and Debbie are always quick to let me know if there is a problem, and either make suggestions to solve the problem, or arrange an appropriate assessment by a vet, farrier etc. We have been pretty demanding customers with regular trips to and visits from the vet, saddler, dentist, and physio. The yard are always very accommodating with handling (and loading when necessary) the boys for appointments at short notice, letting me know the outcome and carrying out management any recommendations. All in all I highly recommend for short or long term training livery!”


Laura Durber

Daisy is a fantastic trainer and explains things in a way that is easy to understand and gets results. She is very patient and has been great at helping build my confidence after a fall. She is also a very effective but sympathetic rider and one of only a few I trust to ride my mare. I would definitely highly recommend Daisy to anyone.

Tammy Laycock

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after my boy so well. I cannot really believe the difference in his schooling in the short 3 weeks you had him. From a horse that couldn't canter on the correct leg EVER to getting it every time was something I wasn't expecting! But what was more important to me was that you gave me updates almost every day! Daisy he looks amazing and I am now so much more positive about our future! I can't wait to have a lesson again to show you our progress!”

Hayley Gallichan

Sunday, 09 April 2017 13:11

"Daisy has helped me be a more confident rider"

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“Daisy has a great work ethic and it really shows off when training her own and others horses. When I have had lessons with Daisy, she has helped me be a more confident rider when dealing with my stroppy mare and she is never afraid to get on and have a go herself! I learned some great tips which I can take away and apply to other horses. I really recommend Daisy as a trainer and hope her success continues.”

Aj Stretch

“I have weekly lessons with Daisy after going to her feeling that I had become stuck in a rut. Daisy is a fabulous instructor who always gives me confidence. She explains everything in a way that I can understand. Her lessons are always interesting and fun and with Daisy instructing me, my horse and I feel great. Daisy is a lovely person who has a lot to give and I really enjoy her company. I really cannot praise her enough. She is helping me to have a much better relationship with my horse, and working at making me a more effective rider”

Sue Russell

“I first heard of Daisy through good old Facebook. I have a regular trainer that I'm happy with but wanted to have a second to get a different point of view. Between the two I have found I can get the most out of my horse. Ace isn't the easiest and he had made me nervous. Daisy was amazing at getting me to override my wobbles and get on with it without being a bully. She explains things in a way that are easy to understand and exercises given, make sense to me and to Ace. Through Daisy I have found the perfect saddler too in Lisa Theron. Find all the right ingredients put them together and end up with something good at the end. I can highly recommend Daisy.”


Sam Tai

“Today we brought lovely Princey home. He has been with Daisy and Debbie Jackson at DJ Dressage for nearly 8 months on full livery. Thank you so much to the whole team including the yard manager and all the grooms. Words cannot describe the amazing, professional care and diligence he has received. We are truly thankful and indebted to you all”

Diana Ward

“Stepping into the world of learning to horse ride and horse ownership can be incredibly daunting. I was lucky enough to start my journey and passion for horses at Daisy's fabulous yard. Being a complete beginner, Daisy and her incredible team went out of their way to teach me how to care for my pony. From the very basics of tacking up correctly, stable management, nutrition advice through to teaching a very nervous first time owner how to ride correctly. Daisy is an exceptional instructor and really did focus on building my confidence, teaching me how to sit correctly, explaining the ridden aids and how to use them and how my movement would affect my pony. Her professional, positive, calm and clear teaching methods even helped me through my huge fear of cantering. No matter how many questions I had, Daisy always had time for me and would go out of her way to help - nothing was too much trouble and I learnt such a huge amount from a team who really do know what they are talking about. Daisy's yard really is a tucked away sanctuary of calm, relaxed horses and ponies, meticulously run by expert hands. I would highly recommend Daisy's yard and training to any level of rider and I cannot thank them enough for all the help and advice they have given me.”


 Mrs Melanie Lamberti

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