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Pablo Picasso


“Daisy has helped me and my horse gain confidence and iron out some old habits in the short time we've been having lessons. Daisy is very knowledgeable and is happy to ride to bring on horses for you .I look forward to what's to come. My aim of getting to Novice/Elementary level now seems in sight as opposed to just a dream.”

Melissa Bell

“I've recently started to have lessons with Daisy on my young mare. Since beginning lessons my mare has improved massively, she's gone from being a very overexcited show jumper to a dressage horse in only a few sessions. The great thing with Daisy is she understands that the aim is to event this season, so she really focuses on what the judges will be looking for. She also understands that although my mare is rising 6, mentally she's much younger, Daisy knows exactly how far to push before she goes into diva mode! I'm really excited to continue training with Daisy and see the ongoing improvement. If Daisy gets her way we will compete in some pure dressage over the winter! I'd highly recommend Daisy to anyone who wants a professional but down to earth trainer, who will get the best out of you and your horse!”

Charlotte Fricker


Daisy is a fantastic young rider who has a real way with horses. I first went to Daisy for a lesson a few months back and from the first lesson I felt like it just clicked. Daisy understands you as a rider as well as your horse. Daisy had Lexus on schooling livery for 11 days whilst I went on holiday and he's come back a different horse. It's amazing what difference 11 days has made to him and I can't wait to get him out competing. I would never hesitate about sending Lexus back to Daisy and I'm sure he would love to go back as he got very spoilt!!! I'm really enjoying working with Daisy and I look forward to working towards my first test on Lexus in the next few weeks. I would highly recommend Daisy for anyone wanting to improve their riding as well as their horse.

As an instructor myself, I am always aiming to improve my riding skills and finding a dressage trainer can be very difficult. I believe that one of the most important qualities in coaching is to communicate in a style and language that each individual pupil can understand, absorb, remember and apply. We all take in information in different ways so a good teacher must be adaptable. Daisy is just this. She is ever trying to improve herself and has a passion to improve those around her. Daisy is not afraid to look at a training situation and adapt her techniques to get the best out of both horse and rider to develop the partnership.

Daisy has transformed my two horses into successful dressage horses which really gets the penalty points down for the eventing too!

Positivity, empathy, encouragement, patience, kindness and understanding are all words to describe the way Daisy teaches.

Lizzie Milham BHSAI; INT.SM; UKCC L2 Coach

During the time Daisy was with us she has been responsible for riding young horses (aged 3 to 5yrs) and preparing them for the mare performance test. 

She has done an excellent job with all my horses and I can highly recommend her.

She possesses a very good attitude and calm nature which enabled her to achieve great rapports with the horses and other members of the team. 

Daisy is a very accomplished rider; she is very patient, confident and competent whilst riding and a joy to be around.

She is very knowledgeable in numerous aspects of equine management and performance and takes a serious interest in improving each horse that she comes into contact with.


Lady Dinah Shaftesbury

If you are looking for a friendly, supportive top class dressage trainer, look no further than Daisy.

Daisy has a wonderful talent in seeing what needs to be done for both horse and rider.  More importantly, Daisy can communicate this quickly and clearly.  This has led to a much deeper understanding between myself and my horse and we are both happier as a result. 

Daisy is a lovely girl who, I have no doubt, will get to the very top.  It's an absolute pleasure working with her and I feel very fortunate to be spending time with a true professional. 


Victoria McCann 

"I have had the great pleasure of employing Miss Daisy Jackson on a part time basis for 9/10 months, until my circumstances changed.
Daisy is a true professional and thoroughly decent and upstanding person. Her yard management is faultless; everything was done to the highest standard and respectful of my preferences.
Daisy is 100% trustworthy, 100% reliable, she is a lovely and considerate rider; she loves the horses and is an absolute pleasure to have around. I would have her back like a shot."

Lucy Scurlock-Jones

"After years of struggling with our flatwork and after trying various instructors with little or no results, we started training with Daisy. Our first lesson was in April 2015 and we had instant results. I was having a lot of issues with a lack of response from Bailey when I asked anything from him, He wouldn’t go forwards, he wouldn’t listen to leg aids, he would constantly argue as soon as I picked up the reins. With Daisy’s tuition, after the first 2 – 3 lessons he started to understand what was being asked of him and we started working as a team rather than it being a constant battle. As a result, our first dressage competition after a lesson with Daisy, our scores increased by 6%. I now feel like we are both completely transformed, I am really excited about our future with Daisy’s help. I love how we are pushed further each time, every lesson feels like a massive bridge crossed and I love every one of them. Nothing seems impossible and I love the progress we are making each time!"

Charlotte McDwyer

 “Anyone who is looking for a supportive, positive, talented and awesome dressage trainer - then Daisy Jackson is your lady! I have never come across anyone with such a can-do attitude that helps you feel that you can achieve your dreams no matter how big or small.  Since Daisy has been training me on my horse Jack, the transformation is very clear to see in both of us. It wasn't easy in the beginning to let go of old habits and try to remain positive but with Daisy's patience and encouragement we are making great changes.”

Debbie Prowting

I have recently started having lessons with Daisy and I am very much enjoying them. Daisy is flexible in arranging lesson times, enthusiastic, and always punctual. She also has a natural ability to see what needs to be improved and issues clear instructions that achieve great results. I am looking forwards to continuing to work with Daisy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.”


Laura Durber

“Ten years ago I gave up affiliated dressage and riding altogether because I had gone as far as I could with a super but elderly horse and things moved on. After a four year break from riding I started hacking and cross country schooling on one of my current horses. I competed occasionally at unaffiliated prelim and novice and didn’t do much else except hack. Then I met Debbie Jackson on social media and was invited to visit their yard for a chat and watch a clinic while Daisy was on holiday. It was lovely. I arranged to meet Daisy at their yard one winter evening, we had some great discussions while filling haynets about dressage, horses etc. Suddenly, Daisy’s infectious passion for dressage and horses gave me the thought that I wanted to train again and compete more! I took the opportunity to attend some competitions with Daisy and help out. That was it, overnight I became totally passionate again about a sport that I used to love! I picked up another horse along the way so now have 2. I have been out competing gaining 75% in an unaffiliated prelim – my first time in a long arena for 10 years and 68% at novice amongst other scores of all more than 67%. I should probably mention that I still mainly hack and don’t have an arena! This is what passion and support can do! I have started to train with Daisy which has already boosted my confidence and given me something to look forward to. Daisy is always positive and gives instant feedback so that you can learn and correct things there and then but you go away knowing that you have become a more effective rider. While my journey has only just re-started, I am really enjoying the horses and they are enjoying the work too. They are both very happy to work and are muscling up very nicely too! Even my not-very-horsey Mum is enjoying coming along to help me and is always asking me when the next lesson with Daisy is or when we are next out competing! Daisy is an inspirational person who will focus on you and your horse in a positive way.”


Diana Williams

I started training with Daisy with my pony who can at times be difficult. Within the first 2 sessions I felt a huge difference in his way of going and he is really enjoying the training. Daisy has worked wonders already and I am really looking forwards to seeing Tally progress further. Daisy is a kind and friendly trainer who makes things simple to understand and she uses techniques that are highly effective to get the best out of horse and rider.


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