Sarah Simmons

Sarah has been an invaluable addition to the team. Before Daisy started backing her own horses, Sarah was responsible for working with and backing the youngsters. Having backed many horses successfully, with numbers reaching well into the hundreds, Sarah is an expert in her field in every sense of the word. A huge supporter of Daisy, she has worked closely with her so that Daisy has been involved in every aspect of the starting process and has been able to apply some of Sarah's methods when backing horses herself.

Sarah has an impressive CV including winning 2 championships at the European Western Riding Championships in Germany, working and training with Jennie Loriston-Clark, William Micklem FBHS, Ian Stark and Captain Mark Phillips. One of her most memorable occasions was performing a demonstration on her own horse for HRH Princess Anne. 

Simmons Equine Connections


“Daisy is a superb rider and her horses are lucky to have her. I feel very honoured and proud to be part of such a great team. They have such high standards in horse care and management, they work tirelessly and have not been handed things on a plate but pulled together as a team and remained positive when things were tough. They believe in their goals and dreams and no doubt will reach them without compromising the dignity of the horses they truly love.”
Sarah Simmons, Horse Trainer and Young Horse Starter.