The Balanced Rider

“Daisy works extremely hard, she’s so dedicated and a joy to work with; she always impresses me with her focus, professionalism and maturity. We know it’s a tough route to the top but if anyone’s got the determination and ability it’s Daisy and The Balanced Rider intends to support Daisy all the way. We are so proud to be part of her team”
Clare Howard, Physiotherapist and MD The Balanced Rider

Daisy started working with Clare Howard from the Balanced Rider in 2012 after meeting her at a BYRDS workshop. Daisy instantly realised the benefit of having regular physiotherapy sessions especially with regards to her spinal condition (scoliosis). 

The Balanced Rider offers a unique service for horse riders providing a combination of physiotherapy for injuries and aches and pains with a biomechanics approach to improving riding performance. The company was established by Clare Howard, a chartered physiotherapist with a specialist interest in the rider’s seat, balance and biomechanics, and how this affects the horses we ride. Along with colleague Kim Hayden, a sports therapist who previously had a career in the equine industry as both a rider and instructor, The Balanced Rider concept places emphasis on the rider to learn about their own body and begin to understand and feel how even the slightest variations in the way you hold yourself affects the way your horse moves beneath you. 

Clare has had a life-long passion for horse riding. She qualified as a physiotherapist in 1996 and worked for the NHS before moving to a private practice. She continued her academic studies undertaking a Masters degree in Acupuncture in 2006. She has been treating horse rider related conditions for over ten years. 

Clare owns Amke a 16.1hh Friesian mare who she bought from Holland as a barely handled five year old in January 2012. By her own admission Clare is not particularly competitive and instead enjoys riding for enjoyment. She hunts most weeks with the South Downs Bloodhounds during the winter and works on dressage and a bit of county showing during the summer.  

Daisy has regular treatments with Clare which include acupuncture, cupping biomechanics assessments with corrections on the mechanical horse, working on the flex chair, gym ball and floor exercises. Daisy has found that her riding has benefitted enormously from working with Clare and she has become able to correct postural misalignment caused by the scoliosis and improve her seat and effectiveness in the saddle.

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