Team Sponsors and Supporters

In union there is strength

As well as being a rider, Daisy works very hard on promoting her sponsors and also herself as a brand worthy of sponsorship. She uses social media to keep in contact with her followers and update them on all news and developments and uses it as a platform to endorse her sponsors and supporters.

She is one of the only if not the only dressage rider on Facebook except for our Olympians who has procured all of them by self promotion and publicity from her team rather than paying Facebook to get supporters to like her page. This makes a difference to the interaction she receives as everyone who follows her has done so because they are genuinely interested in her not because an advertisement has popped up on their news feed urging them to like her page. It requires much harder work but it ensures that supporters are more likely to read posts, interact with Daisy's social media platfroms and become loyal followers. With over 13K followers on Facebook and 12K on Instagram, it is a testament to the commitment of Daisy and her team in promoting her as a brand as well as an athlete, making her a great investment for sponsorship.  

Dressage is coming more and more to the forefront of the media and has become a highly desirable sport to be associated with. It is the epitome of precision in sports with added strength and power but is also steeped in glamour and elegance. This makes for a unique cocktail and one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. Now, with several high profile celebrities competing in dressage, media coverage has never been better. In 2014 we saw Olympic gold medallist and World Champion Charlotte Dujardin nominated for Sports Personality of The Year and winner of Sunday Times and Sky Sports Sportswomen of the Year. Indeed, since our 2012 victories at the Olympics the future of dressage and its associates has never looked more exciting.

With national and international success set in her sights, Daisy is always looking to expand her team of sponsors, supporters and owners;

Join our team, be part of the journey, enjoy the success.


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Our sponsors benefit from:

  • frequent promotion on social media sites
  • photos of Daisy and horses taken at events, displaying sponsors logos and uploaded to social media and used in the magazines for which Daisy writes and reports
  • photos of Daisy regularly using/displaying products/services uploaded to social media and the website
  • Daisy advertising them in publicity campaigns for example taking Q&A sessions in stores, publicly appearing on stands at various prestigious events for Q&A and ‘meet and greet’
  • marketing and endorsement featured regularly in the magazines that Daisy writes for including promotional photographs and links to sponsors web sites
  • promotion on team clothing provided by companies and worn by Daisy and/or horses
  • displaying logos on the team lorry which will be transporting all around the UK and potentially internationally
  • mentions in press releases
  • publicly using products
  • endorsement by word of mouth at the team training yard and at competitions
  • having the opportunity to attend competitions and have access to what goes on behind the scenes
  • feature on the website with links back to sponsors sites.

Our owners enjoy:

  • watching the progression of their horses towards top level competition with a rider who treats each horse as an individual and enjoys developing every partnership
  • a rider who believes that correct training and happy athletes is the ethos of development
  • ambition and total dedication afforded to reach your horses potential
  • horses trained with access to top trainers
  • horses kept to a high standard at Daisy’s training yard including daily turn out, regular hacking, best quality TopSpec feed and individual care
  • photos of competing and training displayed on social media
  • having the opportunity to attend competitions and have access to what goes on behind the scenes
  • mentions in press releases and magazines for which Daisy writes.


If you are interested in sponsoring Daisy or would just like to find out more about her, what she does, what sponsoring or becoming an owner entails, please get in touch via the contact page and one of the team will be in touch shortly. Please put FAO Daisy in the subject heading if you would like Daisy to respond personally.

To find out more about Daisy's sponsors, owners and associates please visit the pages below: 

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