Caroline Bennetts Performance Massage

“I am proud to be part of such a great team; great horses with huge potential combined with Daisy's talent, drive and determination will bring great rewards.”
Caroline Bennetts Equine Massage Therapist

Caroline visits the training yard every 6 weeks to give treatments or more frequently if Daisy or Caroline thinks it necessary. After just one massage Daisy could feel the difference in Tango and he has continued to improve after each session. He had become looser, more relaxed and more able to engage his abdominal muscles due to the stretching exercises that Caroline taught Daisy to do with him. Caroline has also helped Daisy with getting the correct saddle fitting for her horses by attending during the saddlers visit to advise as to how Tango’s muscles are developing. This has been really useful and ensured that saddle fitting has been adapted to any uneven musculature which allows for correct muscle development to follow. Caroline has been a great support to Daisy and is always very interested in how training sessions and competitions are going and tailors massage sessions accordingly.

Caroline is a fully qualified therapist, having completed her (ITEC) Holistic Massage (based on the traditional Swedish Massage techniques) followed by (IIST) Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Massage and lastly Equine Massage Therapy with Equi-Therapy.  Over the years she has studied and further developed different techniques when dealing with horses which include Bladder Meridian, acupressure, Pilates for horses, healing and communication combined with nutrition.

Having ridden herself for many years, initially competing in one day events and hunter trials but more recently in endurance Caroline has a great knowledge of how her treatments can be used to optimise a horse’s performance and Daisy has certainly seen and felt the benefit.

Caroline believes that horse and rider combination can often form a close bond; and to ensure both horse and rider are performing at their best a little intervention may be needed.  All top athletes include massage as a regular part of their training routine to ensure they are in optimum condition, help prevent injury during training and competition and improve stamina, skill, strength, suppleness and speed.

Caroline treats all types and levels of horse be it a happy hacker or top competitor with her goal being to improve performance and allow the horse to do his job in the most comfortable way possible and to increase his chances of staying sound and happy into his twilight years. of techniques and adapt each treatment to meet each individuals needs.

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