Jessica Grive Personal Training

 Unfortunately Jessica relocated out of Daisy’s area so continuation of sponsorship and training was unfeasible. Daisy highly recommends Jess and all the team at DJ Dressage wish her every success for the future.


“Daisy works really hard and is a very dedicated person”
Jessica Grove Personal Trainer

Daisy has been working with Jess since 2014, using strength and conditioning to improve her effectiveness and core stability in the saddle. Daisy has found great support in Jess who understands the difficulties that Daisy works to overcome due to a condition called Scoliosis. Scoliosis is an unnatural curvature of the spine and makes symmetry and straightness more of a challenge for a dressage rider.

With Jess’s help, Daisy has learnt the importance of; and works to improve, her strength, coordination, symmetry and suppleness off the horse. This as well as balancing correct nutrition with the healthy lifestyle that you would expect of an athlete makes for a rider both aware of and working towards their optimum in fitness and performance.

Jess has ridden horses all of her life. She started working out at the gym at the age of 16 to help her get stronger for the transition from pony to a young horse. It worked and she competed with the British Young Riders and trained to Grand Prix in Germany with the Hanoverian State Stud. She now wants to help other riders get the most from their riding experience by developing their strength and fitness.

Daisy has a weekly PT training as well as attending Jess’s rider workshops whenever she can. The difference in Daisy’s posture and core strength were evident after just a short while working with Jess and they are looking forwards to a partnership in the future as part of the team.

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