TopSpec Horse Feeds

“TopSpec are delighted to sponsor Daisy who is a very talented young rider and a great ambassador for TopSpec feeds. Daisy has proven to us that she is dedicated to her sponsors as well as her horses and has done a great job at open nights and on social media.”

Daisy only feeds her horses TopSpec and has done for many years now. She knows that to get the best performance and to keep her horses in optimum condition you have to feed the very best. 

TopSpec is owned by experienced equine nutritionists whose only goal is to achieve excellence in every aspect of equine nutrition, from selection of the highest quality ingredients, creating innovative, excellent formulae, manufacturing to the highest European standards and providing the most comprehensive nutritional advice to clients.

TopSpec products are highly respected throughout the equine industry for their nutritional integrity. They have been used successfully by thousands of horse owners to improve the performance, condition and relaxation of their horses and ponies.

Currently Daisy’s horses are fed on the following:

Tango – Comprehensive Balancer, Performance Cubes, Ulcerkind

Blackberry – Comprehensive Balancer, Performance cubes, Ulcerkind

Leo – Comprehensive Balancer, Performance cubes, Ulcerkind

Dash – AntiLam


All feeds are fed with Top Chop and ad lib forage


Contact number for nutritional advice: 01845 565 030

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.