The Horses

Great horses are not often easy horses. They have big personalities, idiosyncrasies, quirks and foibles. Horses of a lifetime do exist but only for riders so skilful, tactful and courageous that they can unlock and then reveal the brilliance of their equine partners. Strive to be that rider and you will become your horse's friend and master.

Fürst Larkshill


Breed: Oldenburg
          Fürst Heinrich x De Niro

DOB: 2006

Height: 16.2hh

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Larkshill Boogie Woogie - SOLD

Larkshill Boogie Woogie TänzerBreed: Oldenburg
          Benetton Dream x Donawaulzer

DOB: 2010

Height: 17.2hh

Sex: Gelding

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Larkshill Divinity

Leo - larkshill DivinityBreed: Hanovarian 
          Don Frederico x Rotspon

DOB: 2013

Height: 17hh

Sex: Gelding

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Premier Into The Black

Premier Into The BlackBreed: Anglo European 
          Rubinero x Negro

DOB: 2009

Height: 16.3hh

Sex: Mare

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DJ Prima Darsteller - SOLD

DJ Prima DarstellerBreed: Oldenburg 
          De Niro x Donawaulzer 

DOB: 2011

Height: 17hh

Sex: Mare

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Drumaddie Dish Dash

Drumaddie Dish Dash

Yard mascot, Daisy’s first pony 

Breed: Welsh Section A
          Randan Brodric x Gredington LLewelyn

DOB: 1994

Height: 12hh

Sex: Gelding

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Saint Swithens

Breed: Hanoverian
          Saint Cloud

1994 - 2013

Height: 17hh

Sex: Gelding

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