Drumaddie Dish Dash – Stable name: Dash

Randan Brodric x Gredington LLewelyn

Dash was bred by Jan Harriss at the Drumaddie Stud in Bedfordshire. He joined the Jacksons as a 5 year old to become Daisy’s first pony. They have had a wonderful partnership and at their first dressage competition when Daisy was just 8 years old they won the class beating several big horses as well as a big class of pony riders with a score of 73+%.

Since Daisy outgrew him, he has remained with the Jacksons as yard mascot and in his eyes ‘king of the yard’! Dash believes he is 18hh and thinks nothing of pulling faces at the big horses as they walk past or telling the dogs off if they try to steal his carrots! He has children that come to ride him and take him to shows where he is still bringing back the rosettes!